Bornholm Sightseeing Flights, Part 66 and Part 145 General aviation aircraft maintenance.

Seasonal activity!

Touristic flights, sightseeing flights on Bornholm.
We’ll start at new base Bornholm in season 2024.

Bornholm.Aero provides:

  • Professional avionics installation and modifications.
    Only using best quality materials and tools, no shortcuts.
    We make big – full panel change upgrades, troubleshooting and small jobs as well. EASA and FAA.
  • Avionics and pitot static annual check’s, for example EASA SIB 2011-15R2, full IFR aircraft check, pitot static check’s and repairs incl. RVSM systems.
  • Professional Part-66 and Part-145 mechanical service on all piston aircraft including
    EASA Group 3.
  • Professional ferry flights – I have experience on over 50 types of single-piston certified aircraft & non certified aircraft.
    I’m commercial EASA IR(A) and FAA pilot with experience on many European ferry flights. I’m SEP(L) and SEP(S) seaplane rated.
  • Exchange service – I can pick up and return aircraft after service to your hangar. I’m well experienced, commercial pilot.
  • Pre purchase inspections at customer site.
  • AOG repairs – I have my own fast aircraft. This enable me to get to any place in Europe within a few hours.
  • Dynamic propeller balancing.
    Using digital balancing computer.
    Balancing your prop will reduce vibrations and therefore wear of engine, airframe and developing of cracks.
  • FAA N-registered experimental aircraft annual inspection (condition inspection)
  • FAA registered aircrafts repairs and service under A&P certificate 14 CFR § 65.81
  • Engine oil chemical analysis
    In cooperation with profesional and certified labolatory.
    By controlling it every oil change we can see trends and early detect any problems with your engine.
  • Exhaust valve borescope inspection every 50/100hrs inspection
    By checking your valves we can early detect hot-spots and accelerated wear, preventing fatal (and expensive) engine fault.
  • GAMI Injectors for normally aspirated and turbo engines. I’m dealer, can provide support and installation of position tuned injectors.

    We can combine pre-buy inspection and ferry flight as well.

    We’re using modern technologies and high quality tooling.

    We have own, complete set of IFR COM/NAV/DME/ADF/Transponder and RVSM pitot static ramp testers, advanced Lycoming and Continental engine tools, digital weighing system, compass compensation tool, propeller balancer and many others.
    This enable my company to perform professional work without any delays or costs for renting equipment.

    We’re flexible, open and fair.

Rundflüge, Rundflyvning, Turistmæssige, sightseeingflyvninger på Bornholm