Ferry flights

I can provide efficient, cheap and safe ferry flights on single engine piston aircrafts around the Europe.

I’m commercial CPL(A) pilot with over 1500hrs experience on many types of aircrafts, including complicated aircrafts with retractable gear and over 300hp, experimental’s and ultralights.

I have great VFR experience what enable me to transfer VFR only machines safe but I’m also IFR rated pilot what gives additional possibilities and safety. I’m also holder of FAA license.

I have many successful transfers to/from Portugal, Germany, Spain, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy and many other EU countries.


  • CPL(A), SEP(L), SEP(S), IR(A).
  • Czech LAA ČR ultralight license
  • German DULV ultralight license
  • ICAO English level 5
  • Glider tow