Company history

How it started.

It all started in 2008 when, as a hobby, I started to help my friend with maintenance work on his aircraft. This fired my enthusiasm for all things related to aviation and it was not long before I took the plunge and bought my first aircraft. Of course this forced me to delve deeper into the technical aspect of aviation.

I already had a good basic knowledge of general mechanics and electronics having finished high school studies as a certified engineer in IT and electronics. Also, being a licenced HAM radio operator, you could say that I was a bit of an electronics and computer geek.

For some years I continued to gain flying and mechanical experience whilst working in a job that didn’t really give me a sense of achievement or satisfaction. Finally in 2015 I felt that I had to make a change and decided that a move to Germany would be the way forward if I was to work seriously in the aviation industry. There I could get experience of working on bigger, more serious aircraft and projects in General Aviation sector.

Time to get serious.

In Germany I was working for Part-145 as unlicensed mechanic on wide range of General Aviation aircraft. I was also test pilot performing check flights and ferry flights.

This experience allowed me to fly around 60 different types of aircrafts, some of them were good but other in bad condition with known and unknown defects. This was great pilot experience and from the mechanical point of view, gave me experience on many type of complex systems existing in General Aviation aircraft. This eventually enabled me to obtain Part 66 B1.2 and C Full Group 3 license.

With this license I was able to work on all certify aircraft listed under EASA Full Group 3 so most single and twin piston engine aircraft.

Small change.

Next step was expand my experience with work on more complex Part-145 aircraft so I moved to a Company at Munster Osnabruck where I was able to expand my avionics skills by working on larger aircraft such as the Learjet 45.

Big change! – Wisniewski.Aero

Eventually I made the decision to finish working at the big company and to start my own business as an independent, certified Part 66 technician. My main reason for making this decision was that having seen the way that the large company operated, I felt that I could give my customers a better service at a more reasonable cost and deliver on time. So after my contract with Part-145 ended I handed them my notice and became a free agent.

On my own.

To achieve my goal, I first had to find hangar where I could work and also collect my own tools.

Good tools are essential in this industry so I invested all of my savings in buying the best tools that I could. Over the following years I established one of best equipped maintenance stations in the area and certainly the best owned by Part 66 free-lance mechanic and also probably better than many Part-145 organizations. I had also been studying for a B2 (avionics) license which I passed around this time.

I was working on line maintenance and mechanical modifications but mainly on big avionics projects.

I am able to do almost all work on aircraft, from a simple oil change, through to major repairs or reassembly of the aircraft after container shipping and of course, my speciality of autopilot and glass-cockpit installation.

I have never needed to invest in advertisement as all my customers were coming to me by recommendation from previous customers. I achieved this by doing only best quality work, by best quality tools, using clear and fair pricing. My company is providing best prices, shortest aircraft down-time and no quality short-cuts.

I offer also AOG repairs and many others, you can find on my page. Due to the fact that my company is small I have good flexibility. I can also freely and quickly get to my customers due to fact that I am able to fly to them in my own aircraft.

Also I am able to use my commercial IFR pilot license to perform pickup service and return of serviced aircrafts and ferry flights for my customers.

In addition to my European licences I have extended my capability by obtained A&P (American mechanic license) by passing theoretical and practical exams in USA. Thus allowing me to work on aircraft registered in the USA.

Outgrowing my space

After several years working on my own in Germany with many satisfied customers and widening my experience and tool base, I found that my hangar became too small for the expansion of my business, with insufficient office space in which to maintain the increasingly necessary paperwork.

So I decided that it was time for another change.

Next step – Island and transition Wisniewski.Aero into Bornholm.Aero.

Bornholm – from first landing here I could feel that there was something special about this place, some magic and after some time I decided that this was going to be the place for me to live and work for the next phase of my life.

One day when visiting the island I noticed some old but nice looking hangars close to the area where my aircraft was parked If I was able to buy one of these,…then this was the place.

After long negotiations with the owner, we made an agreement and it became mine.

This new building provided sufficient space, a warm hangar, large office space and a good, uncomplicated airport with a friendly approach to general aviation coupled with a professional VFR and IFR equipped airport.

Bornholm had now become the place to practice my trade, to display my knowledge and experience with the  tools of my trade allowing me to perform best quality work in best place I could find.

What today?

I’m still going to offer advanced avionics and mechanical installations to you as well as professional ferry flights. If you think that Bornholm is too far for you to fly then I can come and collect your aircraft and deliver it back after the work is completed. It doesn’t matter if you are located in Denmark, Sweden or Germany. I can provide you with a door-to-door service. My excellent service and reasonable prices together with my wish for satisfied customers will surely cover the ferry flight expenses.

As Bornholm is beautiful touristic place I will offer also seasonal sightseeing flights in summer months of 2024 under AOC certificate.